[Value of CIVASAN]
Distribution Channels / Delivered Value

The development of social media has made distribution easier than in the past, but it has also made it much easier for order to break down. In order to provide a valuable product, Civasan aims for clean distribution with uncompromising and strict regulations. We respect the uniqueness that comes from values. Only a group of people can accurately grasp the value of Civasan, not someone who distributes it for the purpose of making a profit. Civasan wants to assign to the correct handler.

Cosmeceutical (Cosmetic + Phamaceutical)

All of CIVASAN's products are labeled with 'HiddenTag', an anti-counterfeiting and authenticity solution for consumer protection. In order to protect authorized retailers and consumers from illegally distributed products, we have strengthened our distribution policy and established a monitoring system to certify authenticity, creating a brand that consumers can trust and use.

Product certification service(applying hidden tag)

In order to prevent imitation and illegal distribution of Civasan products and increase the favorability of Civasan products, Civasan adopts a powerful and confident product classification system HiddenTag. HiddenTag holographic sticker with a unique identification number attached to the product, which can confirm the genuine product. It also includes factors to prevent copying, hacking attempts.

▼ Installing the HiddenTag Application