Reason for CIVASAN Specialty Store

In the past, aestheticians treated with products not readily available in the general cosmetics market, resulting in high scarcity values and barriers to entry, making visits primarily a luxury rather than a skin-improvement endeavor. Because the number of salons was small, there was less need to offer a wide variety of programs, maintaining a low-labor, high-margin model with a high administrative unit cost, as expertise was recognized by low competition and scarce value. However, the current aesthetic market has become more accessible due to the development of social commerce, and online distribution has led to a loss of customers and a decrease in product value. With more options, customers are looking to improve their skin, not just maintain it, so it's hard to survive in the aesthetic market with the same old strategies. The market has changed, and so must your shop.


Officially recognized by the cosmeceutical brand CIVASAN, it is a specialty store specializing in problematic skin care that can secure customers with a clear target and concept and be recognized for its expertise by providing one-on-one customized prescriptions and management, not just skin care. CIVASAN provides a pricing guide for each problem skin type for each problem skin type, preventing unit price drops and enhancing expertise with the brand power of CIVASAN. CIVASAN's brand power to enhance its expertise and compete in the broader aesthetic market.


When you open a CIVASAN specialty store, you will receive equipment to demonstrate your professionalism and that you are a CIVASAN specialty store, and you will be able to manage your clients in a more professional and organized way, using a manual book and care charts for problem skin using only CIVASAN products. CIVASAN specialty stores receive special purchasing benefits when purchasing products and are given the opportunity to promote the specialty stores supported by the headquarters. In addition, they are officially granted online sales rights on the store farm and their own online mall, and can participate in free or discounted training provided by the headquarters.

Empower your brand
Esthetician specializing in problematic skin strengthens shop's brand image
Increased purchase discounts
Increased default discounts on product orders
Differentiating promotions
Add unique promotions for specialty stores
Specialty Store Supplies
Receive a variety of opening bonus items when you open a new specialty store
Device price discounts
Double discount on device purchases for specialty stores
Permissions to sell online

Can sell CIVASAN products online / can participate in sales channels

Discounts on training fees
One free dealer training fee (1 year) / discounts on various trainings

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