CIVASAN Professional Peel Solution 
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"Professional Peel Solution Series"

"Improving problematic skin requires a "site-specific" rather than a "type-specific" approach. The solutions developed through this will be maximized by CIVASAN medics trained by the CIVASAN Academy. CIVASAN's peel care program can solve skin problems with prescriptions based on skin problems and improve skin problems with site-specific or pigment prevention mechanisms."

PANAFESOL, 1:1 customized prescription solution for different skin concerns

PANAFESOL is a specialized peeling solution for skin that is sensitive and irritated by the environment and lifestyle. General care can only go so far when it comes to addressing skin issues. That's why customers are opting for more controlled, stimulating products. Irritating your skin when it's already sensitive is only going to make it worse. To reduce the side effects of unnecessary irritation, CIVASAN created PANAFESOL, a prescription solution based on problem areas, not skin type.

There are four peels, ESM, Antibio, TA20, and Headshot, each with different properties to address different areas of concern. Additionally, pH Derma and Lidomedic can be configured to quickly soothe and protect against irritation from peels for safer and more effective care.


Smart pigmentation prevention system

Pigmentation didn't happen overnight. Pigment has been around for a long time, and after several oxidation processes, tyrosine evolves into a pigment called melanin. Pigments that have settled in over time are at high risk of recurrence and are difficult to treat, so prevention through a combination of professional and home care management is most effective. PYGCENIN was developed for dual-pigmentation care, which exfoliates pigmented dead skin cells that have already been produced, and prevents future pigments from forming by stopping them in their tracks. Not only those who already suffer from dull, blotchy imperfections, but also those who may develop them in the future can benefit from PIGCENIN.

Damage Powder
18 -hour skin regeneration program [Damage Booster Series]

Damage Powder is a specular powder that penetrates the skin and delivers just the right amount of damage so that skin cells can regenerate themselves, and is designed to be mixed with the Damage Solution.

It is purely purified from the spicules of sponges that live in pristine seas and manufactured using nanocapsule technology so that it is completely harmless when dissolved in the body.

Damage Booster_Expert powder
18 -hour skin regeneration program [Damage Booster Series]

Refined from pristine freshwater seaweed spicules and optimally sized for skin, this spicule powder delicately works on unwanted dead skin cells to boost self-regeneration, allowing for a broader spectrum of problematic skin care compared to high-damage powders. Expert Powder is only recommended after an accurate skin reading and you must complete a peeling training at CIVASAN to use Expert Powder.

Damage Solution
18 -hour skin regeneration program [Damage Booster Series]

It contains Centella Asiatica, which is distilled by water vapor to induce natural regeneration, and fast-regenerating and soothing ingredients for immediate treatment of damage zones. Centella asiatica Leaf water, a key ingredient that soothes and helps repair damaged areas caused by physical force, makes up 57.08% of the solution to care for skin that can become sensitive. It is used in combination with the DAMAGE POWDER and EXPERT POWDER to rapidly induce new skin cells after application.