[Cosmeceutical Platform Distribution SYSTEM]
Superior Formulas and Ingredients

The CPD system is CIVASAN's unique research/production/distribution system that distributes products only to professionals who have completed training by formulating ingredients + contents suitable for skin problems around the world. We research and provide solution recipes with the right ingredients and content for problematic skin, and research and provide the best way to apply to detailed skin problems by 'area' rather than 'type', and respond to various skin problems.

CPD [Cosmeceutical Platform Distribution]

The CPD system is a research/production/distribution system that recruits excellent manufacturing facilities around the world to formulate ingredients + contents suitable for Asian skin and discover and provide detailed solution recipes by skin "area" rather than comprehensive research by skin "type". Unlike conventional foundation cosmetics, professional treatments are formulated for our Asian skin, and it's important to have the correct number of ingredients in the formula. CIVASAN does not insist on producing in only one production facility or in only one country. The traditional production process doesn't customize cosmetics to your specific skin, but instead, your skin becomes the product that comes out of a production facility that only cares about one way. The production facility you're relying on doesn't make every single item with the same quality.

CIVASAN laboratories' unique development and production method 

CIVASAN laboratories' unique development and production methods are aimed at solving fundamental problems in terms of healthy skin, rather than the research direction of damage care, which tries to improve skin at the expense of increasing skin sensitivity.