CIVASAN Expert Academy Education

Training problem skin specialists

To train professional estheticians for problematic skin, the CIVASAN Academy offers solutions aimed at improving the quality, not the quantity, of knowledge. 

The CIVASAN Academy imparts expertise and systematic training to develop you into a personalized prescription skin specialist. to develop them into customized skin experts.

Goals of CIVASAN Academy

They discover CIVASAN in search of new products to achieve their ultimate goal, and as they discover CIVASAN, you get new opportunities. The CIVASAN Academy will teach you how to customize your products for your skin to help you grow. By using the right products for each skin type, you will grow and reach your ultimate goal.

CIVASAN Academy Education/Ceminar info

Talk Secrets [Aesthetic Operations Secrets]

Training on how to run an aesthetic salon, including consultation know-how and store management, basic marketing, complaints, skin type analysis and charting, prescription dispensing, skin type counseling, and makeup application.

  1. Problematic skin analysis, type-specific treatment design, and counseling
  2. For new and existing businesses who want to know why their sales aren't going up.
  3. If you need to work on customer interaction(complaints, consultation design, etc.)

The Problem Skin Care Bible [4 Lessons]

An advanced in-depth course leading to analysis, consultation, and treatment to identify the causes and characteristics of each problematic skin type and offer solutions.

  1. People who want to know every step of the way from cause to diagnosis of problem skin.
  2. People who want to pinpoint the structural issues of problematic skin
  3. Problem skin People who need specialized treatments to manage their care

Expert [4 courses]

Deepen your one-day class with customized hands-on care for problematic skin types A combination of theory and practice to position you as an expert.

  1. The owner who wants to better utilize CIVASAN and BEAUCARE products to increase sales
  2. Principals who want hands-on, hands-on training
  3. A practitioner who wants to develop a treatment application

Master Experts [One-on-one instruction in expert subjects]

Intensive one-on-one hands-on training to position you as an expert with customized hands-on care for each problematic skin type.

  1. Principal who needs hands-on training for a college course
  2. A principal who wants to learn the care protocols for problematic skin types and wants personalized, hands-on, one-on-one training on a private basis.
  3. Principals whose thirst for knowledge has not been quenched after completing online and traditional CIVASAN training.
  4. Training after completing the Expert B/A course

CIVASAN Dealers [CIVASAN One day class]

Basic skin physiology, cosmetology, and consultation skills needed to run a successful aesthetic shop. Intensive training in CIVASAN's full range of products and regenerative treatments.

  1. A business owner who wants to increase sales by utilizing CIVASAN products
  2. The owner needs to improve her counseling skills to run an aesthetic shop.
  3. A practitioner who wants to develop a treatment application

BeauCaire Dealers [BeauCaire One day class]

Intensive training on BeauCaire's full line of products and treatments focused on preventing and addressing problematic skin by identifying its underlying causes.

  1. A shop owner wants to use vegan cosmetics to boost sales.
  2. A practitioner who wants to focus on the basics of skin and cosmetics to solve problems.
  3. People who want to use products that are safe and healthy for their skin

On-Care [On-Care class]

CIVASAN, BeauCaire offer online training to help you better utilize BeauCaire products and understand the seasonal occurrence of problem skin and how to apply treatments.

  1. Principals who are unable to attend in-person trainings due to circumstances
  2. Principals who want to learn how to use and apply treatment products
  3. Online training after dealership completion