CIVASAN Professional Peel Solution 
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"Professional Treatment Kit Series"

" CIVASAN Premiere Device is a device that maximizes the effectiveness of CIVASAN's products to help you quickly treat problem skin. In addition, by utilizing the capabilities of popping, puckering, injecting, gravitating, and exfoliating (cleansing, lifting, and perming) in a single device, you can take advantage of the synergistic effects of handling and device interaction. interaction between handling and the device. CIVASAN provides optimal skin solutions for all skin types based on numerous clinical data from its own laboratories."

A total beauty device that enables multiple management with one machine. Synergistic effects from handling and device interaction by utilizing the functions of [popping, pickling, injecting, gravitating, exfoliating (cleansing/ lifting/ perming)]

INZEGIN are the best devices to increase product absorption and provide solutions for problematic skin. Utilizing micro-ultrasound, you can remove unwanted dead skin cells while also facilitating the release of impurities and sebum, creating skin conditions that are optimized for the absorption of active ingredients. The flow of electric current can be used to expand the absorption channels of a product, increasing the penetration of active ingredients and enhancing skin soothing, cell activation, and skin regeneration.

Inzegin S
A multi-device that targets skin concerns with two handles and ultrasound-specific wavelength and intensity control, this premier multi-device utilizes high-density, high-powered ultrasound waves to increase product absorption and improve elasticity.

HIFE : Focuses high-intensity ultrasound waves on a single point to energize the tissues within the skin, causing the surrounding tissues to shrink together and increase skin elasticity. Smart customization system that applies different depths to different skin problems, rather than applying to a single layer of skin.

SONO : A premier all-in-one handle that is divided into four ultrasonic frequencies (1,3,10,17 MHz) to deliver focused ultrasound to each desired skin layer, a device that uses stabilized high-density ultrasonic waves to attract moisture through the principle of osmosis to restore skin balance and prevent and manage problematic skin.

Ultra-precise facial analyzer that utilizes three modes (F-RAY, Portrait, and UV) to diagnose skin problems, contours, and elasticity

F-RAY is a new type of skin diagnostic that uses UV imaging as well as contour imaging to identify facial surface elevations, contours, wrinkles, and depressions. diagnostic device. Predict and prevent complex issues and problems that a regular skin test may not detect.

- Clear communication with customers before the procedure / Increased customer satisfaction through immediate post-procedure comparison / Reduced complaints through clear results