Healthy skin, professional skin solutions

The above slogan is our commitment at CIVASAN laboratories to prioritize healthy skin.

We aim to maintain healthy skin with youthful credibility and a striking vision. 

CIVASAN laboratories philosophy

CIVASAN focuses on its core competency of providing innovative skin solutions for a better quality of life with superior know-how. Skin is a living tissue. It protects our bodies and even has an amazing ability to heal itself. However, it is our goal and endeavor to improve healthy skin that is aging and losing its ability to regenerate itself due to environmental pollution, stress, and poor dietary habits that are unavoidable for modern people.


(Cosmetic + Phamaceutical)

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics that act as a therapeutic adjunct, reducing the side effects and temporary therapeutic purposes of pharmaceuticals. Unlike regular cosmetics that simply focus on beautifying the skin, they have the ability to improve skin problems over time. CIVASAN is leading the cosmeceutical market by importing excellent ingredients from overseas and developing products that facilitate intracellular delivery through formula formulation for Korean and Asian skin.

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CIVASAN's brand value"

In order to solve skin concerns, we are establishing an independent research system for products, clinical trials, and skin care programs.

Value of CIVASAN
Value of CIVASAN

All of CIVASAN's products are labeled with "HiddenTag" an anti-counterfeiting and authenticity solution for consumer protection. To protect authorized retailers and consumers from illegally distributed products, we have strengthened our distribution policy and established a monitoring system to certify authenticity, creating a brand that consumers can trust and use.

CPD SYSTEM [Cosmeceutical Platform Distribution]

The CPD system is CIVASAN's unique research / production / distribution system that distributes products only to pro- fessionals who have completed training by formulating ingredients + contents suitable for skin problems around the world. We research and provide solution recipes with the right ingredients and content for problematic skin, and research and provide the best way to apply them to detailed skin problems on a 'site-specific' basis rather than a 'type-specific' blanket categorization.


A specialty store officially recognized by the cosmeceutical brand CIVASAN, it is a specialty status for problematic skin care that allows you to gain customers with a clear target and concept and be recognized for your expertise by providing 1:1 customized prescriptions and care, not just skin care. CIVASAN provides price guides for each problematic skin type to prevent unit price drops and enhance expertise with CIVASAN's unique brand power to compete in the broader aesthetic market.

CIVASAN Expert Academy Education