CIVASAN Professional Treatment Kit 
[Global leader in the medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector"]

"Professional Treatment Kit Series"

" Is a one-size-fits-all solution to modern skin problems with multiple causes right?" CIVASAN was born out of these questions about various skin concerns.

A variety of irritants from our changed lifestyles are contributing to the development of skin problems and sensitivity over time. We research and develop solutions for skin

system repair and homeostasis to address skin concerns and achieve healthy skin.

PIH control system
Cleansing series for problem skin

Prevention of PIH in cosmeceuticals should be based on proper damage control considering individual skin sensitivity, genetic factors, skin type, etc. and thorough pre-procedure management including infection control (growth factor injection = use of CIVASAN NORAXIS). You should also familiarize yourself with how each chemical peel, physical peel, and MTS is performed to ensure a flawless procedure. The use of medications

that can cause pigmentation should be prohibited, as well as thorough sun protection.

Hy+ Balsam Professional Treatment
[medical hydro system]
1 person 1 kit private treatment

Hy+ Balm Treatment is a moisture capture & retention kit. It creates optimal conditions for the skin to recognize moisture and protects the fragile skin barrier from the external environment. It helps maximize skin health by capturing water molecules from the air, storing them, and delivering moisture to dry areas. Hy+ Balm activates moisture channels called aquaporins, which continuously circulate water molecules, giving the skin the effect of being misted all the time. When applied, the Mesorant creates a double layer of skin system and physical moisture channels, improving the skin's water retention and acting as a conditioner.

VAROCOBIN C Treatment Professional Treatment
[24-Hour Vitamin Continuation Program]
1 person 1 kit private treatment

Varocobin C Treatment is a professional kit care that provides 24-hour, continuous vitamin absorption.

The Varocobin Collagen blend maintains a pH of 3.5 to 4.0 to prevent oxidation of vitamin C. The smart boosters in Varocobin C allow for continuous synthesis of collagen to hydrate, maintain elasticity, and prevent aging.

Sizopirin Cellular DNA Treatment
[Protein Intensive Delivery Program]
1 person 1 kit private treatment

Sizopirin Cellular DNA Treatment is a specialized kit administration for protein delivery.

Proteins, the body's enzymes, are applied and delivered in a step-by-step process to help cells activation, nourishment, and firming of cells, as well as reducing skin inflammation to help defend against harmful external aggressors and maintain a healthy skin condition. The three steps in caring for your protein professional kit, along with your home treatment regimen, work synergistically to maintain healthy skin conditions.